Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Come Party With Us, and See What we Can Do!!!!

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Benefits Of Local Catering

south florida basketball inflatable rentalWhen planning a banquet or other special event that requires you to invite guests, it is often necessary to enlist the services of a professional catering company. When searching for the best catering company for your event, it is a good idea to look into the benefits of hiring a company that provides local catering, as such a company is likely to offer specific benefits to you and your guests. There are typically many options to choose from when determining the best local catering company to hire for your event, and these vary depending on how many guests you are inviting, how formal your event is, whether it is indoors or outdoors, what kind of food you want to serve your guests, and the extent of your budget. When deciding whether local catering is a good idea for you, it can be helpful to know some benefits of local catering and ways it can make your event a memorable one.

Local Catering Makes Things Easier on You


One of the main benefits of local catering is that a professional catering company handles every aspect of the meal for your event, from the food preparation, table setup, and food service to the cleanup after the event. In addition, many local catering companies can provide you with other items you need for a successful event, such as tables, chairs, dishes, silverware, glassware, napkins, and anything else you need for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Regardless of your guests’ specific needs or preferences, a local catering company is sure to provide everything you need for a memorable event.

Local Catering Offers Your Guests Many Menu Options

In addition to handling everything for you, a local catering company also provides your guests with many delicious foods and ensures that everyone is happy with the food. This involves taking into account any food allergies your guests have and tailoring the menu accordingly, as well as offering your guests several menu selections. This not only shows your guests a sense of professionalism they are likely to remember, but also ensures everything runs smoothly at your event and makes your guests likely to attend other events you host in the future.
Local catering is an ideal option when it comes to hosting a special event and inviting a group of guests. Local caterers are professionals in their field and can handle every aspect of your breakfast, lunch, or dinner for you so you can focus on other aspects of entertaining your guests.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Father's Day BBQ!!!


 We feature fantastic Barbeque catering to satisfy both young and old. Whether delicious hamburgers and hotdogs for the kids or succulent BBQ ribs for the adults, accompanied by our great fixings, let Universal Parties supply the great food and professional service you’ll need to make your next event memorable.
BBQ Catering Includes: Serving Time 3—4 Hours Complete Set-Up & Break Down (Includes Clean Up) Buffet Table (Set-Up with Linens) Silver Chafing Dishes Disposables Chefs Servers Grill.

Let us make the best out of your Father's Day and let us cater to you and dad, so that you can get back to what's important, each other!!!!!!

south florida cateringsouth florida catering
south florida cateringsouth florida catering

Monday, May 20, 2013

South Florida Party Rental Season

That time is upon us!  It's party rental season in the South Florida area.  Whether you're hosting a party for a graduation, kids parties or a back yard BBQ, Universal Fun can handle all of your party rental requests.

For more information on our party rental services in South Florida, please visit UniversalFunParties.com

Universal Fun specializes in party rentals, bounce house rentals, bbq catering and more, all for  our South Florida friends.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Party Rentals South Florida

Light up your party with Universal Fun Parties

If you have decided to throw your own party, Universal Parties is here to help. We have all your party needs to make your party stand out. Universal Parties features lighting options that will have your quests amazed. This is the perfect option to liven up any party and make it shine! These lights will work especially well if you are throwing a dance party and for children of all ages. Our lights come in many different sizes, colors, shapes, and designs. Call Universal Parties today for your free quote! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

South Florida Bounce House Rental Tips

For years, children have enjoyed tumbling and hopping on bounce houses for various occasions.

It's an industry fact that summer time is the industry's most popular seasonal time. However, regardless if the weather conditions are 100 degrees or freezing, youngsters love having a party on bounce house party rentals for just about any range of reasons.

South Florida bounce houses are relatively cheap to renting. The bounce houses are filled with a consistent flow of cold air which keeps them sturdy and secure for children.  Additionally they have a reputation of being produced in fun shapes and bright colors.  Castles, houses and slides and the most popular shapes among the kids. These are perfect for keeping children entertained for many hours.

Sometimes bounce houses are they kept in local parks or indoors, depending on the area and season. The quality should never be sacrificed when the parents go out to bring bounce house under rental terms because it might affect the kids’ safety otherwise. Please keep in mind that bounce houses can be pretty big, so evaluation of the available space and area is a must beforehand.

Monday, January 28, 2013

South Florida Party Rental Specials

Anytime there is an event that you have to put together you would like to get a good deal.  Universal Fun Parties always offers great specials starting at $150.00 for a Bounce House & Concession Machine.  There are party rental specials on everything from the bounce houses, to chairs, to tents, to even catering.  Universal Fun Parties is your one stop shop for all you Party/ Event needs.